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Welcome to the Holt Real Estate Team

We’re not just any real estate team; we’re a proud Veteran Owned force in Madison, WI, and beyond, covering the vibrant South Central Wisconsin region. Every sunrise marks the start of a day dedicated to our three-fold mission: Sell Houses. Have Fun. Give Back. 🏡🎉🤝 Join us on this exciting journey where we’re not just selling homes; we’re creating unforgettable experiences. We’re injecting joy into every step of the real estate process, and as a bonus, we’re giving back to our community. Get ready for a dynamic and meaningful real estate adventure with us!

Why Choose Our Team?

At our core, we’re all about the thrill of connecting with new faces and helping them discover their perfect dream home or seamlessly sell their current one! 🏡 Whether you’re on the hunt for a turnkey gem or a project ripe for your personal touch, we’re your trusty companions every step of the way.

Our driving force? Unwavering dedication to you, our cherished clients. We put your needs front and center, delivering top-tier customer service while demystifying the real estate journey. Our passion is in nurturing your property dreams until they become reality.

If you’re considering making a move to the greater Madison, WI area, craving a home that aligns with your evolving lifestyle, or embarking on a fresh adventure in a new city, we’re here to welcome you with open arms. We’re not just real estate agents; we’re your seasoned guides through the intricate world of real estate.

When you choose us as your partners, you’re enlisting the expertise of seasoned professionals who are fiercely dedicated to your success. We’ll champion your interests in negotiations, streamline the entire buying or selling process, and proudly stand with the trusted powerhouse that is Keller Williams Realty. Let’s unite to turn your real estate aspirations into a dazzling reality! 🌟

Meet The Team

Joshua Holt - CEO | Broker | Realtor®

Meet Joshua, your licensed real estate maestro and broker extraordinaire! 🏡 As the visionary leader of the Holt Real Estate Team, he’s teamed up with the powerhouse that is Keller Williams to bring you top-tier service.

Joshua’s commitment to excellence is a result of his five honorable years of service in the U.S. Army, where the seeds of dedication were planted. He kick started his journey with a degree in marketing and management, with a special focus on education. His career led him through diverse sales roles, including a stint in retail and sales leadership with a Fortune 100 juggernaut. With a rock-solid foundation in education and training, he eventually discovered his true passion in the world of real estate.

Today, Joshua channels his unwavering dedication and passion into helping clients like you turn their real estate dreams into reality. 🌟 He’s a firm believer in the power of a growth mindset, constantly investing in his personal and professional development. You’ll find him in the trenches, receiving coaching with our MAPS division, and his commitment to excellence shines brightly through his role on our office’s Agent Leadership Council.

In Joshua, you’re not just getting a real estate expert; you’re gaining a partner who’s armed with experience, education, and a heart devoted to your success. 🔑 Let’s embark on this exciting real estate journey together!

Olivia Kracht - Executive Assistant

Meet Olivia, the driving force behind making sure you receive “Our Promise” and an advocate for your real estate dreams! 🌟 Originally hailing from the enchanting Wisconsin shores of Lake Michigan, Olivia holds a magna cum laude bachelor’s degree in Psychology that laid the sturdy foundation for her journey to Dane County. She proudly wears the Wisconsinite badge.

Beyond her professional life, Olivia is a vibrant soul with a flair for adventure. You’ll often find her scoring goals on the soccer field, spiking volleyballs with precision, dancing to her heart’s content, or embarking on thrilling weekend camping escapades with her family.

But in her professional realm, Olivia is the secret sauce of the Holt Real Estate Team. Her fascination lies in uncovering the unique strengths within a real estate team, and she’s the unwavering advocate ensuring your every expectation and dream are not just met but exceeded. Collaborative work is her passion, and she thrives on contributing her boundless enthusiasm to the team’s success.

Debbie Lindquist - Sales Partner | Realtor®

Meet Debbie, a proud Cheesehead with a heart as big as the Wisconsin skies! 🧀 Originally rooted just a mere 6 miles west of Green Bay, she embarked on a life-changing journey in 2008 when she and her family decided to call Dane County home, with Sun Prairie becoming their beloved haven.

Debbie’s love for this beautiful state and the community she’s a part of fuels her passion for her craft. In 2016, she took the plunge into the world of real estate, joining forces with Keller Williams Realty. Fast forward, and she’s now armed with several years of invaluable experience that she brings to the team.

But here’s the twist: Debbie’s enchantment with real estate, design, and staging isn’t just a job; it’s her ultimate joyride. She turns helping individuals achieve their real estate dreams into a thrilling adventure. What sets her apart is her genuine embrace of each client’s unique journey. Whether you’re seeking guidance in buying, selling, building, or investing in real estate, Debbie is your steadfast partner, ready to help you conquer your goals.

With Debbie in your corner, you’re not just navigating the real estate landscape; you’re embarking on a memorable journey filled with expertise, heart, and a true Cheesehead’s spirit. 🏡🧡 Let’s make your real estate aspirations come to life, together!

Ben Brummell - Sales Partner | Realtor®

Meet Ben, whose journey began in the bustling heart of Bethesda, MD, and ventured through the vibrant landscapes of Northern Virginia and the suburbs of Washington, D.C. 🌆

After high school, he embarked on a unique path by enlisting in the United States Coast Guard. His duty station? The Coast Guard Training Center in picturesque Yorktown, VA. 🌊

But Ben’s maritime adventures didn’t stop there. Oh no! He set sail to earn his Coast Guard Licensed Captain credentials, navigating private charters, dazzling sightseeing tours, and skillfully managing water taxi services along the enchanting Potomac River for an entire decade.🚢

Yet, the real twist in the tale happened when Ben and his wife decided to put down new roots in Madison, in their newly-built home. Since their move, Ben has fully embraced the Cheesehead spirit, passionately cheering on all the local teams. When he’s not helping folks find their dream homes, you’ll find him exploring the charms of Madison with his wife, mastering the art of grilling, and embarking on scenic road trips. 🏡🏈🍔

But what truly sets Ben on fire is his ultimate mission: guiding you to the home of your dreams! 🏡🗺 He’s not just a real estate pro; he’s your trusty navigator on this unforgettable journey. Let’s turn your housing dreams into reality, together!

Beth Linden-Johnson - Sales Partner | Realtor®

Hailing from the vibrant city of Madison, WI, Beth is a local aficionado with a heart deeply rooted in southern Wisconsin. From suburban streets to country lanes, she’s embraced every nook and cranny, making this area her forever home.

Her real estate expertise is fueled by her deep connection to the region and her extensive background in various customer service roles. Whether it’s hospitality, property management, or her prior stint in real estate, Beth’s commitment to serving others shines through.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, Beth found her true passion in space planning and design, sparking the creation of her successful Home Staging and Cleaning business. Eventually, she honed her focus on occupied home staging, naturally leading her back into the exciting world of real estate.

With a knack for visualizing a home’s potential and turning it into reality, Beth stands out as the go-to real estate agent. Her dedication, passion, and down-to-earth personality make her the ideal partner for all your real estate needs. Whether you’re buying or selling, she’s the agent you’ll want by your side.

Outside of work, you might catch Beth hitting the gym, lifting weights alongside other strong women, or enjoying quality time with her two kids, embracing whatever adventures each day brings.

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